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Latest News

June 2014



The reputation of Vinyl Fencing Ltd. is built upon striving to be the absolute best at what we do, our products are designed and manufactured from the ground up to be as durable and as tough as possible while meeting and exceeding our customers highest expectations.

With that said, our newest product has pushed the envelope even further…

This all new fence is a new addition to our Temporary Fencing family.
Designed and developed in cooperation with our loyal customer base we have constructed a fence that meets our customers’ requirements while maintaining all of the values that our customers have come to expect from us over the years. A product that is as tough as ever, will last for decades and serves its purpose effortlessly, while at the same time looking beautiful in any environment.


temporary farm fence



The fence measures:
48” High
72” Wide

With this new taller than usual fence it is likely to encounter on the field, giving you piece of mind while avoiding the expensive hassle of digging holes and setting them in concrete. In addition, the fence is light enough to carry making it easy to move around.



Perhaps the biggest benefit of our farm fencing is the effect it has on live stock, horses do not scratch themselves or chew the fence as they have been known to do with wood.


March 2014


Installation on Slope

Thanks to Jim, our customer who installed the pool fence on the stairs, we have some very useful tips for you, if you are attempting a sloping staircase for the first time. 

1) The spindle holes need widening more than I thought to allow the sideways movement or the spindles will bind and prevent the movement you need. Its essential the customer has access to a Dremel with a small cutting wheel attached. A file or small hand saw will not do the job as it leaves a jagged edge which snags the spindle.
2) Each spindle has to be chamfered (angled) at both ends before fitting to allow the top and bottom rails to move to the right angle for entry into the bottom post windows. A 1 inch mitre is enough.
3) It may be easier for the bottom stair post to be supplied blank to allow the customer to mark and cut the required position of the holes. I spent ages trying to get the rails to fit the standard position inside the standard holes as the angle was so steep down from the top stair that there is the possibility that the bottom standard hole in the bottom post may be below the level of the bottom stair or the forced angle stresses the top post connection.
4) Once the top and bottom rails have been angled at the desired level and are slipping into the holes in the top and bottom posts then the spindles can be cut to the required length to allow for the new angle. I made the error of cutting them in the flat position and of course they ended up short when the angle is taken into account.
5) Use 2 inch wide paper masking tape to run around the rails when the spindles have been added as this holds them all in place and the entire angled unit can be lifted in one piece into place.

fence on slope stairs fence


Feb. 2014

Beat the Wind Once and for All!

If the recent winds, floods and rain have wreaked havoc in your garden and your old wooden fence is ruining the look of your home make sure that the next time you replace your fence is also the last!

Our fencing has pasted every test with flying colours; from the sand storms in Abu Dhabi to the Hurricane Valley in the US, or just on the UK seafront.

On the other side of the Atlantic our product has decades of flawless history and the benefits of vinyl are finally hitting home here in the UK.

Whether you buy one of our picket fences or our 6’ by 8’ privacy (close board) fencing the wind has not got a chance. The plastic bends under high pressure preventing any splintering or fractures and then simply returns to its original shape.

In addition, all of our products are made of 100% pure white vinyl so the colour cannot get scratched off and the face of the fencing is on both sides.


Jan. 2014

Welcome to the New Vinyl Fencing Ltd. Website!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website! The new design is even easier to navigate and with more information than ever before.
We have also linked our accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, making it even easier for you to contact us and review our products and see our happy clients. We are now offering discounts on all purchases when you ‘like’ or ‘follow’ our social media pages!

The new website features our brand new products the Temporary Picket Fence and the Temporary 3 Rail Fence, fencing that we have designed and created from the ground up, unlike any free standing fence available in the UK today. The temporary fencing we’ve created is by far the most versatile product on the market, with no sharp edges or corners it is safe for kids playgrounds and general purpose crowd barriers. Each section weighs just 10 to 12kg and can therefore be carried while fully assembled easily and quickly.

In addition, we will be adding new customer reviews and pictures as we get them.



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