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Vinyl Fencing is created for your peace of mind. Plastic fencing with no need for maintenance and with a lifetime warranty…

No maintenance, lifetime warranty

The UK based plastic fencing company!

Plastic Fencing 4 Times Stronger than Wood!


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3' High plastic picket fence in the Straight Picket Fence design installed in Zeeland, Netherlands.

Why We Know You’ll Love Our Plastic Fencing!

4 x Stronger than Wood

30 Year Lifetime Warranty

Will NEVER Rot, Blister, Peel or Crack

No Sharp Edges

Our Mission

Mission Statement

To become the go-to brand in the fencing industry for businesses and individuals alike. For those who want the best, environmentally friendly, maintenance free fence.

Why Buy From Us?

We are a family run company based in the UK, with decades of experience who specialise in nothing but premium quality plastic fencing.

Why We Are Hard To Beat

All of our plastic fencing is Maintenance Free & comes with an unbeatable 30 Year Warranty.

UK Stock & Next Day Delivery available.

plastic picket fencing 5 foot high temporary picket fence temporary plastic fence tall temporary fence temporary composite fence

 Our newest product! 

We have managed to make a product that a lot of people have asked for over the years! A 5′ high temporary, free standing plastic picket fence.

This is a 5′ high, 6′ wide temporary picket fence that is perfectly stable even when tested on uneven ground and in strong winds!

Weighing just 19KG when fully assembled it still offers all of the practicality and versatility that our customers expect from our products while still maintaining its rigidity, durability and stability.

This product is so new that we still don’t have a dedicated page for it so if you would like to find out more please email or call us on:

01273 517 044

temporary plastic fencing

Temporary Fencing

We now offer Portable, Free Standing Plastic Fencing convenient for temporary use.
An elegant, decorative look incorporated into a strong and durable product.

6 different designs.

No Sharp Edges. Child Friendly.

Available with next day delivery!

plastic fencing plastic picket fence composite fence composite fencing

A Vast Array to Choose From

We offer a vast range of plastic fencing from our closed board Privacy Fence to the classic Picket Fence and Pool Fence, to the versatile Equestrian Fence used for anything from horse farms to rugby, cricket, football and polo grounds to our newest and exclusive Temporary Fence.

Post & Rail in Action

Click on the picture to see Ultramar and our plastic fencing in action!
Our Post & Rail fence is made for horses and livestock, designed to hold up to the physical demands livestock often place on fencing.

It is an affordable and practical
choice for horse farms, sports grounds and land developers.

Our Story

All the way back in 2006 we saw the need for maintenance free, environmentally friendly, affordable fencing. This is why we have never been anything other than a UPVC, plastic fencing importer, plastic fencing manufacturer and plastic fencing supplier.

We understood a very long time ago that the fencing that is readily available can be improved in virtually every way possible.
Wooden fencing is outdated; it rots quickly, especially near the sea, it needs constant repair and replacement and ultimately, wooden fencing contributes to deforestation, wastes the owners time and money and adds massively to our CO2 footprint through the never-ending cycle of repair and replace (not to mention, continuously chopping down trees and transporting them around the world).
Metal fencing is easier to maintain but is far from maintenance free. It is very expensive to buy and ship and is difficult to install. Metal fencing still requires constant painting and will inevitably rust and need full and costly disposal and replacement.

Our plastic fencing is as far away from a single use plastic as is possible to achieve. Once a fence is upgraded to a plastic fence it will never again need to be; manufactured, shipped around the world, installed, repaired or replaced. This makes plastic fencing unquestionably the eco-friendly, financially wise option.

Now, 17 years after we started, we have a line of plastic fencing products that we feel we cannot improve up on; plastic fencing that has been purchased by thousands of people all over the world!

All we can do now is stock as much of it as possible, here in the UK and ship it out to customers as quickly as possible.

FYI, since 2006 we haven’t had a single claim made against our market leading 30 year warranty. We figure that a wooden fence would have been replaced 3 to 6 times during that same time period.

Temporary plastic fencing in West Sussex
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before plastic fence upgrade
Scalloped plastic fencing installed on a slope


I purchased your plastic fencing in 2007, it is now 9 years on. I have just cleaned the winter dirt off it and I am still so impressed with the way it looks, and not one split in the plastic by the way, so I decided to send you a picture I took this morning.


I purchased your picket fence last September, it looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your help you made the whole process so smooth.

Thanks Again,



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