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Temporary Fence

Vinyl Fencing is created for your peace of mind. The fencing with no need for maintenance and with a lifetime warranty…

No maintenance, lifetime warranty

Temporary Fence

Our Temporary Fence is waterproof, easy to assemble and dismantle, unmatched in durability, very light and easy to carry and change location.

This fence has the same strength and durability as any of our products and due to its tiny profile has great wind resistance.

Affordable & Competitively Priced.

Prices start from just £70+VAT per 6 foot section

For details on sizes and prices, please click here to see our Pricelist.

The only premium Crowd Control Barrier on the market.

Easy Installation

  • No special tools
  • No holes to drill
  • No special training needed
  • Standard construction methods are used
  • Self-drilling fasteners used
  • No sharp edges
  • Easily connected together

Our Temporary Picket Fence is very versatile, light weight and stable.

It can be used in a great variety of events, from music festivals and horse shows to child play areas and shopping centre displays.

Please click on the link below to see the assembling instructions:

Temporary 3 Rail Fence
Assembling Instructions

Temporary Picket Fence
Assembling Instructions


Please click here to see our temporary fencing technical drawings.


3 Rail Fence

36″ high and 72″ wide

Picket Fence

33″ high and 72″ wide

2 Rail Fence

48″ high and 72″ wide

Temporary Picket Gate

34″ wide




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