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Vinyl Fencing is created for your peace of mind. The fencing with no need for maintenance and with a lifetime warranty…

No maintenance, lifetime warranty

Why Vinyl

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

  • Strong and well designed, our posts are self supporting and do not require wood inside to hold them up. Our rails slide through our pre-routed posts for added strength instead of using brackets.
  • Our vinyl fence comes with a lifetime, manufacturer’s warranty. For complete details on warranties and policies see our Warranty Section.
  • Our equine fence is made for horses and livestock, designed to hold up to the physical demands livestock often place on fencing.
  • No more painting or replacing your fence or deck due to normal wear and tear! From protecting your children, to preserving old-growth forests, vinyl is the environmentally wise choice.

The face of the fence is on both sides.

Additional Benefits

  • Eliminates the costly effort of painting or staining to protect or beautify.
  • Since it doesn’t absorb moisture it won’t blister, peel, corrode or rot.
  • Durable all weather vinyl maintains a fresh appearance year after year.
  • All vinyl materials contain high amounts of UV-inhibitor and impact modifiers. This stops the vinyl from changing colour over time.
  • A great do-it-yourself system. Simple to install by anyone. Parts simply slide and lock into place for quick and easy installation.
  • Product available in a variety of heights and widths.

Fence Comparison: Vinyl vs. Wood & Iron

Vinyl Wood Iron
Warranty VinylLifetime WoodNone IronNone
Projected Life VinylYours Plus! 2-7 Years Iron5-10 Years
Maintenance Free VinylYes WoodNo IronNo
Fungus & Dry Rot Free VinylYes WoodNo IronNo
Free of Harmful Chemicals (Arsenic, Lead, Creosote) VinylYes WoodNo IronNo
Needs Painting Never WoodRegularly IronRegularly
Colour Stable VinylYes WoodNo IronNo
Price VinylSaves Replacement WoodShort Term Solution IronCosts More

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Unit 17, Euro Business Park
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