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Vinyl Fencing is created for your peace of mind. The fencing with no need for maintenance and with a lifetime warranty…

No maintenance, lifetime warranty

Custom Fencing & Village Gates

We can make a near infinate amount of customisations in our workshop.

Speak to us to see if we can make your dream fence come true.

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The picture below illustrates perfectly just how many customastions can be made and how beautifully it can all come together.

Village Gates that will last longer with no maintenance…

Safer than wood or any other solution…

Why We Know You’ll Love It!

4 x Stronger than Wood

30 Year Lifetime Warranty

Will NEVER Rot, Blister, Peel or Crack

No Sharp Edges




Feel free to email us with any query.




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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, why not email us.

We understand that village gates can be very individual. 


If you are looking for a village gate in a unique style feel free to contact us and see if we can custom your perfect village gate.

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Unit 17, Euro Business Park
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